Mirages custom large opening screens are a gorgeous product that extends your living area. Made with high quality materials and components backed with great warranty, you will create an amazing oasis with motorized screens.

Mirage seeks to have more and more homeowners experience the functionality and beauty of their products each year.  They manufacture and distribute top-quality retractable screen systems, and are a proud industry leader since 1997. 

We offer free on- site or off-site consultations so please contact us with information on your project and we can get quick pricing to you.


Our doors fit the following applications in your house

Single Entry

For every single entry door around the house, our retractable screen doors are the perfect fit.

Why Us?

Our retractable screen doors are smooth and the best choice for any sliding door.

Great Customer Service

For French Doors & Double Doors, our screen doors have a magnetic system that allows them to fit together seamlessly and open easily.


Our retractable screens cover up to 64' inches and a maximum of 108' inches in height.

Screen Door Colors

Mesh Options

Nearly all of our doors are installed using standard fiberglass mesh (the same as what is in your window screens).

We recommend fiberglass mesh because it is the smoothest running in our doors.

For pet owners, we offer “TuffScreen”, which is a scratch-resistant polyester mesh that is not quite as smooth when retracting.